Friday, November 4, 2011

Pin-it on Friday

Since crafting has not been top on my priority list. (it will soon, don't worry) I wanted to share a few of my favorite things I've pinned lately! Just showing off a few other crafters!

Has anyone tried this hoola hoop rug?! I think it looks awesome, and would love to hear if anyone has had luck yet!
Book into a laptop case
I would have LOVED to have this dress up storage as a kid! We still have the bins of dress up clothes we used.

I also so this "to shave or not to shave" chart. It just cracked me up!

Thanks for all the creative ideas all you bloggers!



Oh my gosh, I love pinterest! I am on it all day long! Haha! The one about shaving your legs is too funny!


Thanks for featuring my tutorial! :)

fringe design

Kitty! I have tried the elmer's glue dyed t shirt and it turned out really cool! I'm doing another one this weekend, I'll link up to share the pics or something!

Jenfier Harrod

These are so inspiring. Please join us for our first linky party at:

Ali Rodriguez

Oh my gosh I want to try the hula hoop rug! And the shaving flowchart is hilarious (yet so true...), have a great day!


like the chart... that is a good philosophy!


The dress up cart is adorable.


I made the hula hoop rug for my cabin at camp this year! It was super fun!

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